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was born in Lichtenstein (Saxonia/Germany). It was already during the third year of his life that he discovered his passion for music at the piano.

- After the first private piano-lessions, he went to the "Robert-Schumann-Conservatoire" in Zwickau and subsequently attended the "Carl-Maria-von-Weber" Academy of Music in Dresden for five years.

- As one of the rounders, the keyboarder and the musical master of the legendary rockband "LIFT" he went down in East Germany history with songs such as "NACH SÜDEN"("TO THE SOUTH"), "SOMMERNACHT" ("SUMMER NIGHT"), "SCHERBENGLAS"("BROKEN GLASS") or "AM ABEND MANCHER TAGE"("IN THE EVENING OF THE DAY´S). The band published three LP´s, CD´s, varius singles and samplers), among others the trend-setting cult record "MEERESFAHRT" ("SEA CRUISE").

- Since 1986, the musician has predominantly been performing in concerts as a soloist. But other interesting projects, such as the CD"WOLFGANG SCHEFFLER & BLUE BALLADS" – wich was published in 1994, the solo-CD "PIANO NIGHT"(in 2000), the George-Gershwin-portrait-programme "ER KOMPONIERTE AMERIKA" ("HE COMPOSED AMERICA") with the actor Wolfgang Dehler or the current concert project "DIE UNWAHRE ART, CLAVIER ZU SPIELEN" ("THE UNTRUE WAY OF PLAYING THE PIANO") containing arranged works and improvisations about themes by Bach, Haendel, Rachmaninow, Franck and from the Jazz and Pop genre, with piano, sampler/synthesizer and pipe organ, also demonstrate the diversity of his repertoire.

- He creates the soundtrack for the plays: "CLARISSA AUF DEM GLASBERG" (world premiere
1985), "SPIEL´S NOCH MAL, SAM" by Woody Allen (1992), "1805" (with orchestra, 2002), "JEDERMANN" by Hugo von Hofmannsthal, poems by Fr.Nietzsche (2002) and "MOMO" by Michael Ende (2004).

- Many new and partly still unpublished songs and instrumental artistic productions are evidence of the high creativity of the artist whose musical roots can mainly be found in jazz music, the popular and classic genre and its fusion – in an expressively unmistakable personal style.
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